Tell & Engage: #IJF16, Day 2

7 April 2016

The BuzzFlow analysis of conversations on the Festival’s second day collects 7.477 Tweets (54% retweets) mentioning #ijf16.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 17.50.36.jpg

Different aspects of storytelling were in the focus of online conversations again, in particular how to engage the audience through the images, trasforming information into stories.

If major engagement is always the goal, the risk is to fall into sensationalism. The responsability of journalism is to remain rigorous and accurate even when dealing with particularly drammatic issues, such as refugee crisis.

Storytelling becomes also one of the main instruments of brand journalism. It is crucial for companies to connect directly with their audience with the help of digital media.

In fact, storytelling and the involvement of the audience is today’s emerging dichotomy: the engagement supports the audience in a deeper understanding of information.

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