The news frontier: getting started, staying solvent

The news frontier. The Columbia Journalism Review presents a comprehensive look at the ins and outs of digital news entrepreneurship. Four festival panels on this key subject.

Getting started, staying solvent. There’s a huge gap between having a good idea for a news site and actually getting that site off the ground. We’ll talk about the challenges that people have faced in getting their sites started, how they overcame those challenges, what they wish they had done differently, and what advice they might have for aspiring online publishers. We’ll also talk about ways to make a news startup sustainable–and about what doesn’t work, and why.

Nigel Barlow co-founder Inside the M60
Madhav Chinnappa
Google News & Books
Francesca Folda editor
Jeff Israely co-founder Worldcrunch
Justin Peters editor Columbia Journalism Review online
Jacopo Tondelli editor

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