Columbia Journalism Review online at the festival

The news frontier. The Columbia Journalism Review online presents a comprehensive look at the ins and outs of digital news entrepreneurship. Four festival panels on this key subject with Justin Peters editor Columbia Journalism Review online as ringmaster.

Peter Gomez Il Fatto Quotidiano, Ed Walker online communities editor Media Wales, Claudio Giua director innovation and development Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, Charles Lewis founder Center for Public Integrity, Sergio Maistrello new media expert, Paul Staines founder, Luca Conti founder, Philip Trippenbach editor, Simon Rogers editor Guardian Datablog and Datastore, Josh Young vice-president editorial and expert operations, Nigel Barlow co-founder Inside the M60, Madhav Chinnappa Google News & Books, Francesca Folda editor, Jeff Israely co-founder Worldcrunch, Jacopo Tondelli editor and others.

will speak on:

Engaging the community

Having an impact

Beyond the article

Getting started, staying solvent