Behind the scenes of investigative journalism collaborations, practical and legal tools to protect the safety of journalists, and the ex-Kyiv Post team launches Kyiv Independent

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More than Pandora Papers. The behind-the-scenes of investigative journalism collaborations. In the new episode of Media Insider, two investigative journalism experts share stories of creating functioning investigative journalism collaborations.

Practical and legal tools to protect the safety of journalists. The Thomson Reuters Foundation has partnered with UNESCO, the International Women’s Media Foundation and the International News Safety Institute to develop practical and legal tools for journalists, media managers and newsrooms to counter harassment.

Ex-Kyiv Post team launches Kyiv Independent and lays out new vision. Many were shocked by the abrupt closure of the 26-year-old brand. The new media aims to stay true to Kyiv Post values while innovating the model.

State media director killed, others injured by a suicide bomber in Mogadishu. Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) and Somali Media Association (SOMA) condemn in the strongest terms possible the targeted killing of the state-owned Radio Mogadishu journalist and director Abdiaziz Mohamud Guled and the injuries of two colleagues in Mogadishu on Saturday night 20 November. According to a statement by the Mogadishu police, a lone person wearing a suicide vest approached Abdiaziz’s vehicle and detonated his bomb as Abdiaziz and his colleagues were leaving a local restaurant.

A conversation with Santiago Lyon: Adobe Content Authenticity Initiative. Adobe last month launched a new Photoshop tool aimed at combating misinformation and bolstering image provenance. Part of the ongoing work being undertaken by the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and its media partners, it assigns a cryptographic signature to a photo’s metadata and edit history. These “content credentials” ensure viewers can trust the image they see, while creators can detect stolen work. More broadly, the CAI is working to instate image provenance and attribution standards across the web.

Climate change will drive journalism’s next transformation. The climate crisis and the necessary decarbonisation of our economies will define our next decades similarly to how digitisation has defined our last two decades and had triggered a large-scale re-organisation of our economies.

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2022’s big themes.
What major stories will we see in global media next year: supply-chain snarls? The climate crisis? McKinsey asked 45-plus journalists and commentators from around the globe to give us their predictions on the big headlines to watch, plus the topics that merit more attention than they’re currently getting. Explore a new interactive to get perspective on what’s to come.

What’s next? Public service journalism in the age of distraction, opinion and information abundance. This report examines how best to tackle the big challenges facing public service news in the years ahead. How do you reach and connect with audiences in an age of distraction, polarization and information overload? What is the best strategy to foster the necessary innovation and responsiveness within our newsrooms? How can public service media cope with the political and financial pressures that threaten their future?

Apply to join the Rainforest Investigations Network. The network is a major initiative that seeks to harness investigative reporting and cross-border collaboration to tackle stories at the intersection of climate change, corruption, and governance in the world’s three main tropical rainforest regions: Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia.

Ethiopian Media Authority issues warning letters to CNN, BBC, AP and Reuters for reporting false news and defamation. The Authority stated in the letters that in issuing licenses for journalistic operations it expects reports not to endanger Ethiopia’s national interest, territorial integrity, or the peaceful coexistence of the people of Ethiopia.

As press freedom in Myanmar shrinks even further, an independent digital magazine embraces reader revenue to stay afloat. Frontier Myanmar stopped printing after the coup. It has survived with the help of a membership programme and a new paywall.

Sifted raises £4m to scale the definitive media for European tech. We’ll use our new funding to double headcount in the next 12 months, hiring across all teams from editorial to commercial, product to engineering.

Foreign Agents Law in El Salvador would suffocate independent media outlets and human rights organizations, according to critics. Much of the critical independent media in El Salvador, such as El Faro, Revista Factum and even APES, receive funds from international sources in addition to domestic revenue. “There is an attempt to contain, to gag, to block any criticism, whether this criticism comes from civil society or media that are doing a commendable job in pointing out corruption.”

Five lessons every media innovator needs to learn. The co-founder of Subtext, a platform that enables journalists to text their audience, shares his knowledge around creating new products and services for your newsroom.

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