Bigger venues for #ijf25

As a follow-up to our 26 April post, we announce that the following three venues will be added to the 2025 English-language programme:

The Teatro del Pavone, last used by the festival in 2014, closed for renovation since then. Located on the main pedestrianised street Corso Vannucci, midway between the Hotel Brufani and the Sala dei Notari. Capacity about 400.

Teatro del Pavone #ijf11

The Teatro della Sapienza, last used by the festival in 2018, unavailable in 2024. A 5-minute walk from the Hotel Brufani. Capacity about 150.

Teatro della Sapienza #ijf15

The Sala Brugnoli, last used by the festival in 2023, closed for renovation in 2024. A 2-minute walk from the Hotel Brufani. Capacity about 100.

Sala Brugnoli #ijf23

The main 2024 festival venues – the Auditorium San Francesco al Prato (capacity about 500), the Sala dei Notari (capacity about 250), the Sala Raffaello (capacity about 110) and the Sala delle Colonne (capacity about 100) – will of course continue to be used for the 2025 festival.

The average 2025 festival venue capacity will in consequence be significantly higher than in 2024.

2025 festival scheduling will focus on guaranteeing access. Our objective is to ensure that all attendees can get into any session they choose. This may result in some sessions taking place in venues which are far from full, but so be it. What now matters above all else is accessibility.

We look forward to welcoming the festival community back to Perugia in April 2025, confident that the difficulties faced by attendees at the 2024 festival will not be repeated.

Arianna and Chris

Title photo: Teatro del Pavone #ijf11.