Palestinian press freedom defender Bilal Jadallah killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza, Lebanese correspondent Farah Omar and videographer Rabih Al Maamari killed by Israeli airstrike in Lebanon, and in total at least 53 journalists killed in Israel-Gaza war

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Tributes paid to Palestinian press freedom defender Bilal Jadallah. On Sunday 19 November Jadallah, the director of Press House-Palestine, was killed by an Israeli airstrike that hit his car in Gaza.

Al-Mayadeen TV reporter and videographer killed by Israeli strike in south Lebanon. On Tuesday 21 November correspondent Farah Omar and videographer Rabih Al Maamari, Lebanese journalists of the Lebanon-based broadcaster Al-Mayadeen TV, were killed by an Israeli strike on Tayr Harfa, south Lebanon.

Journalist casualties in the Israel-Gaza war. As of 23 November, at least 53 journalists and media workers have been killed since the war began on 7 October: 46 Palestinian, 4 Israeli, and 3 Lebanese.

Smoke, mirrors, wood pellets: Vietnam clears native forest to supply ‘clean’ energy to Asia. Expansive deforestation in Central Vietnam is being driven by the global demand for wood pellets, a supposedly green alternative to fossil fuels. This article was produced with support from Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Investigations Network.

Chasing shadows. Extensive evidence suggests corporation selling “sustainable” palm oil hid control of companies destroying rainforest. This investigation is part of Deforestation Inc, a collaboration coordinated by ICIJ involving reporters from 28 countries.

How the Kennedy assassination helped make network TV news wealthy. Until the early 1960s, TV news was seen as a loss leader.

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Traditional ways of hiring
make it harder for many service members to land civilian jobs. A new approach could help veterans transition to the workforce—and add $15 billion to the US economy. Check out a new McKinsey article by Scott Blackburn, Charlie Lewis, and coauthors and see how the military and the private sector can take action to improve employment outcomes for veterans.

Philippines: full justice still denied 14 years on from Ampatuan journalist massacre. On November 23 2009, 58 people – including 32 journalists – were massacred while travelling in a political convoy on the southern island of Mindanao. The victims were shot and buried in mass graves after their convoy was ambushed.

Latest Google updates have led to massive traffic changes for news websites. An autumn of major Google changes has led to despair and confusion at news publishers.

Journalists are living in a “golden age of leaks” as hackers and whistleblowers expose troves of confidential documents. This week on #DirtyDeeds, OCCRP editors discuss how they dug through over 18,000 bank account records leaked from Credit Suisse.

The Washington Post takes the “unusual step” of publishing graphic photos from mass shootings. The Post is not running the photos in print, and executive editor Sally Buzbee said digital format was key to creating a “very careful presentation” that “allows readers to make choices along the way.”

How to track the impact of your investigative journalism. Page views are great. But creating lasting impact is better.

The state of US local news 2023. Vanishing newspapers, digital divides, and reaching underserved communities.

Image credit: Bilal Jadallah from 20 November 2023 CPJ article CPJ pays tribute to slain Palestinian press freedom defender Bilal Jadallah