#BuzzFlow: a platform for real-time curated news

Monitoring an event by making use of social media is one of the challenges in modern journalism. Journalists don’t necessarily need to ask questions when they can listen to thousands of spontaneous conversations streaming online. Thus the verification process, identifying reliable sources, becomes even more essential. In particular the phase of filtering and curation – in the Latin sense of the term, that of content “curator” – has to be quick and real-time.

To achieve this, there are some useful tools that have now become part of the journalist’s toolbox. During the upcoming International Journalism Festival 2013, in an operation of meta-journalism, we will create BuzzFlow, a live coverage of the event via curation of social media voices. A team composed of festival volunteers and communications and web listening specialists will tell the story of #ijf13 with your voices.

At buzzdetecting.festivaldelgiornalismo.com you can already find a taste of what will be the live monitoring platform, managed by International Journalism Festival technical partner Buzzdetector in a joint effort with Trendsmap.

During the festival check out the live monitoring platform on the festival website and follow us on the hashtags #ijf13 and #buzzflow.