Buzzflow: #ijf15 through the voices of its participants

logo-buzzflow-2Following on from 2014, during the festival check out Buzzflow, the web monitoring platform for quantitative and qualitative social network conversations analysis.

Web conversations are a precious and essential element of the information ecosystem that allows the interest of the audiences for specific topics or events, such as the International Journalism Festival, to be evaluated

What is Buzzflow?

Buzzflow is a project created by Buzzdetector and the International Journalism Festival that offers live coverage of the event via tweets, videos, images and interactions. A team composed of festival volunteers and web listening specialists will curate the content and provide insights about the most relevant topics.

Buzzflow is a reflection of the Festival on Twitter. You can already find there data about numbers of tweets, retweets and replies, the top-list of Twitter profiles, most relevant videos and images. The location of the most dynamic online conversations about #ijf15 is on Activity Map section. Top Tweets provides the selection of tweets with the highest level of interactions, while the Editor’s Pick section is the content curated by the Social Media Monitoring Team.