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The US diplomatic cables began to be published on Sunday 28 November. Of exceptional interest is not so much the content of the cables as the reaction on all sides to the publication of the cables. Has there ever been a more enlightening open discussion on what liberal democracy is and/or should be? We list below in chronological order the articles/videos that the International Journalism Festival has linked on this subject. The list will be updated regularly. These articles/videos have been chosen because we consider them thought-provoking. The selection of an article/video implies neither agreement nor disagreement by the International Journalism Festival with the point of view put forward within.

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WikiLeaks publishes confidential information on the grounds that government is a conspiracy, and publication redresses the balance in favour of the public. It gives itself the right to decide what might be dangerous for the individuals identifiable in the revealed documents. This is a perilous power to have. / Life & Arts – The new power of the press

Ironically, it’s not what Assange did, but what American companies and politicians did in response to the publication of the cables, that has given thousands of geeks a cogent alternative vision for the future of the Internet
Wiki Rehab

You have the power to clean up Marseille just by telling the truth
French whistle-blower suspended

Umberto Eco, medievalist, semiotician, philosopher, literary critic and novelist, on wikileaks. For all our Italian readers
Un altro mondo dopo Assange

Slavoj Žižek, philosopher and critical theorist, on wikileaks. For all our Russian readers
“Викиликс”, или когда срывать маски – наш долг / Мировая повестка / Главная – Русский журнал

the bogus narratives that keep appearing in newspapers and on the airwaves
AlterNet: 8 Smears and Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spread By the Media

why are American journalists hesitant to speak up for Assange? There are essentially three reasons
Why Journalists Aren’t Defending Julian Assange – Newsweek

the cables release gives an insight into the values, priorities and knowledge of authority that helps us to make much better-informed judgements of what those in power actually do. Surely, that is precisely what journalism is for
Secrecy is the problem, not leakers – The Global Experts

June 2010: Wikileaks’ strengths are its weaknesses. Lawsuits are a form of deterrence against abuse. Soon enough, Assange must confront the paradox of his creation: the thing he seems to detest most—power without accountability—is encoded in Wikileaks’ DNA, and will only become more pronounced as it evolves
WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange : The New Yorker

the US press isn’t unrestrained, it’s self-restrained. Certain kinds of speech (eg. libel) are outlawed. And the government is largely forbidden from preventing publication (prior restraint) or creating a climate of fear for publishers (chilling effects). This delicate balance is only possible through extra-legal constraints
Half-formed thought on Wikileaks & Global Action « Clay Shirky

ordinary human rights defenders and civil society activists come to US embassies, often in suprisingly large numbers, to make advocacy cases to what they hope are sympathetic US ears, and until WikiLeaks, away from the dictators’ prying eyes.

the document dump
NPR Fesses Up to WikiLeaks’ Coverage Blunder, Now It’s Everyone Else’s Turn | Lippmann Would Roll

Mixed in with the meshing of pretend journalists and administration officials, however, is the deafening silence of African American leadership (if such a thing still exists) on the Wikileaks revelations on Africa
The Dark Side of Wikileaks | The Atlanta Post

the fact that, despite the revelations before the April 2010 video, Assange remained alive and at liberty to do even greater damage gives the lie to his paranoid fears of ruthless, hyper-powerful Western states capable of wiping out all truth and justice unless their actions are exposed by people like him
the WikiLeaks War on America–the-wikileaks-war-on-america-15611

wikileaks has, as of today, published only 1,947 out of over 250,000 diplomatic cables
If You Can’t Debate, Triangulate | The Moderate Voice

Abrams worries about Assange and Assange-ites disrupting the control over news that mainstream media long enjoyed.
Floyd Abrams whizzes on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Start off with a biased question and an absurd premise and pretty soon you’ve got a musical.
Jessica Yellin’s response to last night’s Assange discussion

In more than one way, Mr. Assange may yet have much to answer for
Floyd Abrams: Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers –

It’s extraordinary how – even a full month into the uproar over the diplomatic cable release – extreme misinformation still pervades these discussions, usually without challenge.
Glenn Greenwald: The merger of journalists and government officials

Wikileaks is, in effect, a huge tax on internal coordination. And, as any economist will tell you, the way to get less of something is to tax it. As a practical matter, that means the days of bureaucracies in the tens of thousands of employees are probably numbered.
Why Wikileaks Will Kill Big Business And Big Government | The New Republic

journalism or not journalism?
Is What WikiLeaks Does Journalism? Good Question: Tech News «

what is a secret? What makes a secret a secret is not its content, but who gets to tell it
Anthropology, Secrecy, and Wikileaks « ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY

Wikileaks is an exercise in deconstruction, because the real thoughts of the diplomatic corps prove that the public is fed one thing, while the government thinks and functions differently. The modernist hierarchical rule is undercut, because the truth is out, and that truth rarely matches with the assumptions of the grand narrative
Local Media in a Postmodern World, Part CXIV, News is Not a Story

power hates to see the truth exposed. I would add that above all, power fears the truth when the truth doesn’t fit its needs – Javier Moreno
Why EL PAÍS chose to publish the leaks · ELPAÍ in English

Other individuals, including journalists, media workers and civil society representatives, who receive and disseminate classified information because they believe it is in the public interest, should not be subject to liability unless they committed fraud or another crime to obtain the information.

If the Internet was walking around in public, it would look and act a lot like Julian Assange. The Internet is about his age, and it doesn’t have any more care for the delicacies of profit, propriety and hierarchy than he does.
The Blast Shack

Lanier views Wikileaks as similar to social networking sites in destroying privacy, thus impeding the development of “personhood.” He presents it as a harmful example of the “nerd ideology” that is exposing us all, to the detriment of us all, conflating the right to privacy of persons with the privilege of non-disclosure of states
WikiLeaks Exposes Internet’s Dissent Tax, not Nerd Supremacy – Zeynep Tufekci – Technology – The Atl

Lanier’s logic seems to be that everything’s fine and the revelations of Wikileaks will only mess things up

Even if WikiLeaks is defined as a news organization, American law allows both prior injunctions halting publication of government secrets and prosecutions of media organizations following publication, in certain circumstances.

Do you think what you have done so far has changed journalism forever? I hope so.
Q&A: Julian Assange, Publisher & Editor-in-chief, WikiLeaks

We would like to talk with you about WikiLeaks. Is the organization a threat to democracy or does it enrich it?
SPIEGEL Interview with German Interior Minister: ‘WikiLeaks Is Annoying, But Not a Threat’,1518,735587-2,00.html

The Wikileaks design, by invoking Wikipedia, creates the impression that some universally negotiated, balanced unveiling of human affairs is being approximated; that what was formerly hidden is being fairly unhidden. But that is not true.
The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy: The Case of WikiLeaks – Jaron Lanier – Technology – The Atlantic

FOI reforms would in part deplete the soils in which WikiLeaks is growing
Government secrecy provided fertile ground for WikiLeaks

CPJ urges the Justice Department to protect freedom of speech and the press, along with the country’s global reputation as a beacon of those values, by standing back froany prosecution of WikiLeaks or Assange for publishing classified documents.
CPJ urges U.S. not to prosecute Assange – Committee to Protect Journalists

It’s illuminating to compare the 2009 Knight News Challenge proposal by Wikileaks, which made it to the final round of the prestigious program but was ultimately rejected by the judges, to Domscheit-Berg & Co’s current plans for OpenLeaks
From Wikileaks to OpenLeaks, Via the Knight News Challenge | techPresident

Bradley Manning (allegedly), Daniel Ellsberg and Tyler Kent. Tyler who? When whistleblowing on US Presidential lies MUST be prevented.
BBC – Adam Curtis Blog: WICKED LEAKS

from Watergate to Wikileaks: secrecy and journalism in the new media age. Nieman Foundation conference Thursday 16 Dec video archive
Secrecy and Journalism in the New Media Age | Home

Le Monde, whose Francophone audience cares about the Maghreb, found its print edition banned from Morocco.
How Arab governments tried to silence WikiLeaks | World news |

and so to the fifth estate?
Goodbye mainstream media. It’s been fun. « Adam Westbrook

if our government is successful in its efforts to shut down this new avenue of accountability, it will have done our country far more damage than what it claims is being done by WikiLeaks
The Media Gets It Wrong on WikiLeaks: It’s About Broken Trust, Not Broken Condoms

The state of our democracy is in peril when publishers are threatened with prosecution for treason. Americans found out about our government’s use of warrantless domestic wiretapping only through intrepid reporting. Journalists cannot maintain their independence without access to information from confidential sources.

The problem here is that people get their information from the media, which is written by journalists, and journalists have spent the last half-century trying to persuade everyone that laws don’t apply to them
Like A Condom, The First Amendment Can’t Always Protect You – HUMAN EVENTS

If Assange is successfully extradited to the US, a sobering experience will follow. Prosecuting the founder of WikiLeaks could very easily turn into a nightmare. In formal terms, Julian Assange will be the man standing trial. But the participant with the most to lose will be the US government.
The US Government’s pursuit of WikiLeaks could be its undoing (Wired UK)

the wikileaks events tee up the question of defining ‘media’ in the new internet era like no previous case
U.S. v. WikiLeaks: espionage and the First Amendment

I call upon prosecutors in the states where public figures have demanded Julian Assange’s assassination to investigate whether these incitements to murder may be prosecuted
The Secular Fatwa on Julian Assange

the potential impact of Wikileaks and similar efforts is not necessarily about leaking well-guarded secrets, which these were not; rather, it is about changing the audience for a particular discourse from insiders to outsiders. Rather than expose unknowns, Wikileaks has collapsed the distinction between the “front” and “back stages” of the modern state
Wikileaks is not about secret information; it’s about insiders versus outsiders | technosociology

WikiLeaks isn’t the Pentagon Papers, it is the raw materials the Pentagon used to write the Pentagon Papers. The challenge for civil society is to use this raw material to write our own Pentagon Papers.
WikiLeaks and the public interest?

A firehose is not a whistle
A Question About Wikileaks, Amazon, and Intellectual Property — Crooked Timber

if Wikileaks is a “cyberwar” then what the hell were the Pentagon Papers? A wood pulp war? Whistleblowing and leaking documents, online or off, is not a “war.”
Is The US Response To Wikileaks Really About Overhyping Online Threats To Pass New Laws? | Techdirt

letter from Columbia J-school faculty to President Obama. Signed by 20 of the 44 currently-listed full-time, visiting and special faculty. Perhaps the wording seemed contentious to some. Others might have been out of town.
Columbia j-school staff: WikiLeaks prosecution ‘will set a dangerous precedent’ | Poynter.

We believe in the idea of a free press; but we oppose it in practice when the press offends our patriotism, or works against some vaguely defined “national interest.”
MediaShift . WikiLeaks and the Power of Patriotism | PBS

In a digitized and networked world, Zuckerberg, Assange, and their outfits are merely avatars of the inexorable march toward a radically greater degree of transparency in our personal, cultural, and political spheres. The question about the new transparency isn’t how to thwart it—because we can’t. The question is how we live with it
Caught in Their Web

interview with Daniel Domscheit-Berg, founder of Openleaks, which is due to launch today
[INTERVIEW] Daniel Domscheit-Berg présente OpenLeaks

To aggressively attempt to shut WikiLeaks down, to threaten to prosecute those who publish official leaks and to pressure companies to cease doing commercial business with WikiLeaks is a serious threat to democracy, which relies on a free and fearless press
Media chiefs throw support behind WikiLeaks

Wikileaks spin-off Brussels Leaks was launched unexpectedly on Thursday to excitement and consternation in the European capital
European Wikileaks spin-off launches – European Journalism Centre

WikiLeaks is the press, but not the press as we have known it. This is the press of the 21st century, the press that comes after we’re all connected
The state, the press and a hyperdemocracy

So because the Times is just republishing it, perhaps they’re not as culpable? “.. it is easier, from a policy standpoint, to prosecute Assange. There’s a clearer case with respect to Assange. With regard to the Times, I think, just as a matter of discretion, I would hold back.” Mukasey is a former US Attorney General
Assange in the Dock? –

It used to be that telling a lie about a person or a corporation could get you into trouble. Now governments and corporations can claim injury when someone states a fact and, stunningly, act to enforce silence without any judicial oversight. Now, if you can’t tell a lie and you can’t state a fact, what else is there?
Five sad reasons American press isn’t outraged |

Indonesia’s own version of wikileaks posted more sensitive state documents on its web site over the weekend
Indoleaks Touts Revealing WikiLeaks Documents, But Technical Problems Persist | The Jakarta Globe

one-hour documentary on wikileaks by SVT the Swedish public service broadcaster
WikiRebels – The Documentary | SVT Play

wikileaks is the precise opposite of what its apologists claim it to be: with its unilateral programme of revealing confidential information, which it boasts is unstoppable and accountable to no one, it is profoundly anti-democratic
WikiLeaks is delinquent and anti-democratic

interview with Daniel Ellsberg at 50.10 on video: what Nixon did to me covertly can now be called for openly. Nixon brought 12 Cuban American emigrés Bay of Pigs veterans up from Miami to “incapacitate Ellsberg totally”
Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Julian Assange is Not a Terrorist

Those who lobby against al-Jazeera seek to delegitimise the work of dedicated and courageous journalists who put their lives on the line. For 14 years we have committed ourselves to safeguarding our editorial independence. We will not be affected by pressure from regimes, states, media or other centres of power. We have full confidence in our mission as journalists
They bombed al-Jazeera’s reporters. Now the US is after our integrity | Wadah Khanfar | Comment is f

No journalist or publisher has ever been successfully prosecuted under the Espionage Act
WikiLeaks: Tying Assange to Manning won’t be easy | McClatchy

symposium archives, New York.
PdF Live: A Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom | Personal Democracy Forum

For years people have extolled cloud computing as the way of the future. The lesson of the last week is simple: be careful what you wish for
WikiLeaks row: why Amazon’s desertion has ominous implications for democracy | Technology | The Obse

If the government tried to close The New Yorker, or pressured companies to deny us what we need to publish, we wouldn’t have to turn to an army of hackers to respond on our behalf. We would, probably, have prominent people on our side. Our respectability affords us certain protections. We are harder to bully
Close Read: WikiLeaks and Anonymous

wikileaks, secrecy, the state and transformation
The Wikileaks Revolution « ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY

Who is and is not a journalist? “Mr. Assange obviously has a particular political objective behind his activities, and I think that, among other things, disqualifies him as being considered a journalist,” US State Dept said
‘Political objective’ disqualifies one ‘from being considered a journalist,’ State Dept. declares |.

The wikileaks saga gives the lie to the claim of United States omnipotence over the naming and numbering system via ICANN
Seven Thoughts on Wikileaks

My onetime professor Jorge Castañeda used to speak with grudging admiration about the “Economy of Repression” practiced by the long-reigning Partido Revolucionario Institucional
Wikileaks and “Economies of Repression”

by trying to claim that Wikileaks is “just” a data dump, it’s an effort to make Wikileaks look like it’s not a journalistic or media entity — thereby affording it fewer First Amendment rights.
How The Press Misleads About Wikileaks | Techdirt

Has anybody proposed arresting Bob Woodward? Has anyone looked into applying the 1917 Espionage Act to his revelations of the most secret deliberations of the national security establishment? Is the State Department telling employees not to buy or read his books?
Should Bob Woodward be arrested? – By Stephen M. Walt

Will I break the law if I host or mirror the US diplomatic cables that have been published by Wikileaks? If I view or download them? If I write a news story based on them? These are just a few of the questions we’ve been getting here at EFF
Information is the Antidote to Fear: Wikileaks, the Law, and You

ex-wikileaker explains his spinoff group OpenLeaks
Ex-WikiLeaker Explains His Spinoff Group, OpenLeaks

the balance of power between source and publication has clearly been altered, and journalism will likely never be the same – july 2010
Is WikiLeaks More Than Just a High-Tech Brown Envelope? Yes: Tech News

Do newspapers and other media need WikiLeaks? Some would argue that the sources who went to Assange could just as easily have gone to the NYT or The Guardian directly. So why didn’t they?
Is WikiLeaks the Beginning of a New Form of Media?: Tech News «

one option is for WikiLeaks to become something like ProPublica and either try to syndicate their articles to whatever media would take them or strike exclusive deals with select few media partners
Predicting the future of WikiLeaks: Follow the media!

to understand Julian Assange and the weird reactions to him in the American press we need to tell a story that starts with Judy Miller and ends with Wikileaks
From Judith Miller to Julian Assange » Pressthink

unlike WikiLeaks, Openleaks will not receive and publish information directly for the public eye. Instead, other organizations will access the Openleaks system and in turn, present their audience with the material. Documents will be processed and published by various collaborating organizations
”A new WikiLeaks” revolts against Assange –

who are journalists and what is journalism?
WikiLeaks: Will WikiLeaks lead to licensing of journalists?

an hour of easy listening with Jonathan Zittrain, Lawrence Lessig and friends at Harvard
MediaBerkman » Blog Archive » Radio Berkman 171: Wikileaks and the Information Wars

To focus only on WikiLeaks is to miss the big picture of what’s happening with information — just like focusing only on Napter in 1999 would have led you to miss the bigger revolution in digital music
Why WikiLeaks Matters More (And Less) than You Think – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review

What makes a trend a Trend?
Twitter Blog: To Trend or Not to Trend…

As is well known, Mr Assange is an Australian citizen
Assange in Australia : CJR

wikileaks FAQ
Wikileaks FAQ :: The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It

information technology allows small actors such as Assange to wreak previously unimagined destruction on US national security through cyberspace. This is a threat that requires a US response. Hillary Clinton is right-WikiLeaks has attacked America. The only question is: will America return fire?
You’re Either With Us, or You’re With WikiLeaks

Life is complex, but sometimes it comes down to taking sides
Joho the Blog » Standing with the Net

“an apology: we’re being a little old school here. We wanted to devote this panel to talking about something that isn’t trending on twitter”
Discussion about Wikileaks or free speech in the Internet in gerneral, Le Web Main Stage 08/12/10

they continue to control the process by which the US cables are leaked, using well-worn spin techniques for maximum impact – nothing wrong with that of course, though if a government or political party controls access to information to suit its own ends, it’s viewed as a mortal sin
WikiLeaks supporters and lawyers spinning with the best of them | Alastair Campbell

Russia’s YouTube cops: how state law enforcement structures react to online whistle-blowers
The Sad Fate of Russia’s “YouTube Cops” · Global Voices

WikiLeaks does not advance the cause of more accessible government or international justice
Tom Watson: Assange v. Obama

cables spark demands for death, assassination, censorship and cyber-war. What prompts this huge overreaction?
IGP Blog :: Why Wikileaks polarizes America’s Internet politics

Are we safer now? Smarter? More awake? No
Who Wiki Cares Anymore?,b=facebook

internet freedom: careful what you wish for
WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and the dark side of Internet freedom –

How can it possibly be that WikiLeaks should be prosecuted for espionage, but not The New York Times, or The Guardian, or any other newspaper that publishes these cables?
Glenn Greenwald: Anti-WikiLeaks lies and propaganda – from TNR, Lauer, Feinstein and more

to actually reveal, as WikiLeaks has done, that Hillary Clinton’s secrets were empty secrets amounts to taking away all her power. WikiLeaks didn’t do any harm to Sarkozy or Merkel, but did irreparable damage to Clinton and Obama – Umberto Eco
Not such wicked leaks

Mr. Assange claims to be a journalist and would no doubt rely on the First Amendment to defend his actions. But he is no journalist. He is an agitator intent on damaging our government, whose policies he happens to disagree with, regardless of who gets hurt
Dianne Feinstein: Prosecute Assange Under the Espionage Act –

I know Daniel Ellsberg. Mr. Assange, you are no Daniel Ellsberg
WikiLeaks Reaction: Julian Assange, Daniel Ellsberg, And The Future Of Whistle-blowing. | The New Re

the wikileaks releases are a pivotal moment in the future of journalism
Dan Gillmor: Defend WikiLeaks or lose free speech

it could be argued that the leaks in any Bob Woodward book are of greater consequenceand importance than those served up by WikiLeaks. And when it comes to sheer nihilistic journalism, I refer you to the Rolling Stone story that cost Gen. Stanley McChrystal his command and his career
Richard Cohen – WikiLeaks and the trouble with transparency

a government’s best and only defense against damaging spills is to act justly and fairly – Evan Hansen editor-in-chief
Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America

one ambassador’s embarrassment is a tragedy, 15,000 civilian deaths is a statistic
One ambassador’s embarrassment is a tragedy, 15,000 civilian deaths is a statistic | Online Journali

will we see wikileaks in Arabic soon?
Will We See WikiLeaks in Arabic Soon?

Ce que nous allons expliquer c’est pourquoi FDN a décidé de participer à une activité de duplication d’un site menacé de censure par des pressions plutôt que par la justice
FDN héberge un miroir de WikiLeaks – le Blog de FDN

Russian blogger creates Wikileaks-style anticorruption site
Russian blogger creates Wikileaks-style anticorruption site

whistleblower or not whistleblower?
Some news outlets stop dubbing WikiLeaks a ‘whistleblower’

whistleblowing that lacks salience does nothing to serve the pubic interest
BBC College of Journalism Blog – Wikileaks – the salient point—the-salient-point-1.shtml

is it me or is news getting more surreal?
Surreal Media Is The Real Media: From C**t to Wikileaks

Assange has brought out the radical hiding inside me, the one always afraid to show his face. I think I’m not alone
The Blueprint | the human network

The Unites States is – or should be – subject to the rule of law, which makes the extra-judicial pursuit of Wikileaks especially nauseating
Wikileaks and the Long Haul « Clay Shirky

Information warfare is warfare. Julian Assange is engaged in warfare. He should be treated as an enemy combatant and WikiLeaks should be closed down permanently and decisively – Newt Gingrich former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives
Gingrich: Assange is an ‘enemy combatant’ | Raw Story

if it’s found that Assange hasn’t violated the law then the law should be changed – Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell
The Associated Press: McConnell: WikiLeaks chief ‘a high-tech terrorist’

Internet Freedom – prepared text of US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech delivered at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. on 21 January 2010
Hillary Clinton on internet freedom, January 21

The government doesn’t have even the thinnest legal case for taking wikileaks off the internet – much less the news organizations that are discussing the cables – and they know it. so they’re attacking the intermediaries, and they’re getting result
WikiLeaks: Online, the censors are scoring big wins

Wikileaks is a publisher – a new kind of publisher, but a publisher nonetheless – and that makes this a freedom of the press issue
Like It or Not, WikiLeaks is a Media Entity

James Bond villains were always rogue operators, never states or corporations. Remember Dr No? “The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay for their mistake!”
Assange: Bond villain — or Bourne?

More thoughts via Jay Rosen
Julian Assange Ducks the Question A Lot of Us Have About Wikileaks

Government should be transparent by default, secret by necessity. of course, it is not. too much of government is secret. why? because those who hold secrets hold power
Wikileaks: Power shifts from secrecy to transparency

If there is a difference between wikileaks and a hostile intelligence agency I am unable to see it – Howard Jacobson winner Booker Prize 2010
Howard Jacobson: It’s much better you don’t know my secrets

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it – Voltaire
KUHNER: Assassinate Assange – Washington Times

Assange accused of breaking the law. but which law?
Wikileaks Has Committed No Crime

In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth. in a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble. and now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it
Ron Paul: ‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’ | Raw Story

Prosecuting WikiLeaks would be no different from prosecuting the media outlets that also published classified documents
Prosecuting WikiLeaks For Publishing Documents Would Raise Serious Constitutional Concerns, Says ACL

Exposing Injustice or airing gossip? how U.S. criminal law should look at wikileaks
Exposing Injustice or Airing Gossip? How U.S. Criminal Law Should Look at WikiLeaks

What wikileaks is exposing is the way our democratic system has been hollowed out…and when, finally, the veil of secrecy is lifted in a really effective way, their reaction is to try to silence the messenger
What the attacks on WikiLeaks tell us

Al Jazeera’s failure to report on the recent U.S. leaked cables highlights its Achilles’ heel: the Qatari ruling family and its powerful neighbor, Iran
WikiLeaks Exposes Al Jazeera Achilles’ Heel – New America Media

C’est la première fois que nous observons une tentative de censure à l’échelle internationale d’un site dont la vocation première est la transparence. Nous ne pouvons qu’être sidérés par le fait que des pays comme la France et les Etats-Unis alignent soudain leur politique en matière de liberté d’expression sur celle de la Chine. Nous rappelons, notamment pour la France et les Etats-Unis, que ce n’est pas au pouvoir
Reporters Sans Frontières – Wikileaks traqué?,38959.htm

It is dispiriting and upsetting for anyone who cares about the American tradition of a free press to see Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gibbs turn into H.R. Haldeman, John Erlichman and John Dean. We can only pray that we won’t soon be hit with secret White House tapes of Obama drinking scotch and slurring his words while calling Assange bad names
The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange

Why do you like these leaked cables so much, Rush? Because they don’t lie in diplomatic cables. The odds are that what we’re getting here is the raw truth. People don’t lie in these cables. These are not trumped up speeches, they’re not written for the teleprompter. I mean this stuff is better than People magazine
The Right Word: love the leaks, hate the leaker

Houston, we’ve had a problem

When the public interest is undermined by the lies and paranoia of power, it is disclosure that takes sanity by the scruff of its neck and sets it back on its feet. so thank goodness for disclosure. thank goodness for journalism
In this World Cup sewer, we reptiles of British journalism hold our heads high

If you click on wikileaks and wonder why the data visualization isn’t working
Why we removed the WikiLeaks visualizations

Cette présence de l’amateur est néanmoins essentielle, puisqu’elle démocratise le processus de création et de circulation de l’information
La réhabilition du journalisme d’expertise

Everyone’s a winner
Why WikiLeaks’ latest document dump makes everyone in journalism – and the public – a winner

Lahore High Court Justice Saeed dismissed petition for wikileaks website ban: “we must bear the truth, no matter how harmful”
LHC dismisses petition seeking Wikileaks ban

Julian Assange speaks july 2010. docs from Kenya, Albania, Iceland then USA
Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

The first amendment, google, amazon, joe
WikiLeaks, Amazon and the new threat to internet speech

Here comes the competition
Dissatisfaction with Assange: Former WikiLeaks Activists to Launch New Whistleblowing Site,1518,732212,00.html

How has WKS inserted itself between people with docs and MSJ? because legitimacy crisis in watchdog-AWOL MSJ. Iraq->Assange
Jay Rosen on Wikileaks: “The watchdog press died; we have this instead.”

So what is all this wikileaks? by Jon Stewart
Video: Jon Stewart Explains WikiLeaks

Hi, Mr. Assange, it’s Rick Stengel. I’m the editor of TIME magazine
Transcript: TIME Interview with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange,8599,2034040,00.html

Right or wrong to publish the cables?
The Associated Press: WikiLeaks: Espionage? Journalism? Something else?
Releasing, reporting, or dumping?
In defence of WikiLeaks
Pourquoi “Le Monde” publie les documents WikiLeaks
Entrevistas Digitales en EL PAÍS
WikiLeaks Diplomatic Documents: To Publish Leaks Or Not to Publish?
Video: Javier Moreno: “Garantizar la seguridad de las fuentes es fundamental” – Videos en ELPAÍ
US embassy cables: Live Q&A with Alan Rusbridger
Answers to Readers’ Questions About State’s Secrets

Same cables, different coverage. no surprise there
Spy vs. Spy : CJR

Remember Pravda? – ok, we said the same things about you guys behind closed doors
Wikileaks and Washington: So what?