Here are the first 150 #ijf22 sessions

We present the first 150 sessions of the 2022 festival programme. Please note that the programme is partial and provisional. The programme will be updated as we move through February, with the definitive programme online in the first week of March. The definitive programme will contain approximately 270 sessions.

Please note that English-language sessions will take place only on Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April. On Wednesday 6 and Sunday 10 April there will be only Italian-language sessions.

Scheduling is slightly different from previous years. A minimum 30-minute break has been placed between sessions in all venues on all days of the programme. This will permit full airing and appropriate cleaning of venues between sessions. In consequence, the daily English-language festival programme will start earlier (at 09.00) and finish later (at 19.30) than in 2019. Speakers and attendees are cordially invited to plan accordingly.

We look forward to welcoming festival speakers and attendees to Perugia in April.

Arianna and Chris

Photo credit: Andrea di Valvasone #ijf19