#ijf24 All you need to know

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The festival will take place in three weeks. Here is an overview of how to make the most of the festival, whether you will be here in Perugia or will follow it online from afar.

FREE ENTRY The festival is free entry for all attendees for all sessions on a first-come-first-served basis, without any need for registration. Just come to Perugia and enjoy the festival. 

Registration is required only for the one-to-one clinics (on the topics of both safety and management&culture) and the early morning film walks. The registration forms can be found in the relevant session pages in the festival programme.

PROGRAMME Here is the festival programme, which can be divided into session language, content category or venue for ease of reading. And here is the festival speakers page, with the session(s) of each speaker listed at the bottom of their profile. Three sessions are still to be added to the programme; at the speakers’ request, these sessions will not go online until the first day of the festival.

SIDE EVENTS PROGRAMME Social gatherings and meet-ups of various kinds are listed in the Side Events programme. Note that this programme will continue to be updated until the day before the start of the festival.

WELCOME POINT If you looking for information or for a festival brochure, the festival Welcome Point (open daily 09.00 to 19.00 from 17 to 21 April) is in the Hotel Brufani in Piazza Italia, Perugia.

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LIVE STREAMING AND ON-DEMAND VIDEOS All festival sessions are live-streamed, with the on-demand video placed online immediately after the end of each session. The only sessions which are not live-streamed are the one-to-one clinics (on the topics of both safety and management&culture), the early morning film walks and sessions where at least one of the speakers has specifically requested no live streaming. Live streaming and on-demand videos will be embedded at the top of each session page in the festival programme and at the bottom of each speaker profile on the festival speakers page. You can also follow all sessions on the festival YouTube channel.

FREE WI-FI Free Wi-Fi will be provided to all festival attendees in all festival venues, with Wi-Fi name journalismfestival and Wi-Fi password journalismfestival.

SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION An AI-generated real-time translation service will be provided for all sessions in all venues. All you need is your mobile phone and your earphones. The translation options are from English to Italian, and from Italian to English. Details on how to use the translation service will be provided in the festival brochure.

We look forward to welcoming the festival community back to Perugia.

Arianna and Chris

Photo credit: Sala Notari #ijf23 by Alessandro Migliardi