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Day One at the 7th International Journalism Festival 2013 in Perugia. The monitoring of the event, has seen a significant increase in growth in interactions via the popular micro blogging platform – Twitter.

The figures of the first day of the event are provided by the Buzzdetector platform. It shows an increase in quantitative and qualitative terms, in all the parameters which were analysed.

During the first day, the hash tag #ijf13 had 7,853 tweets, which spread across Twitter, making it one of the trending topics of the day. The statistics show the peak of 140 tweets per minute, were reached at about 5.30pm during the first day.

There were a significant increase of tweets during the day, compared to the first day of the 2012 festival last year, where the peak had reached 41 tweets per minute. After a year, the amount of tweets per minute has tripled, leading to the double of overall tweets for the first day.

The development in conversation, shows an interesting phenomenal growth, highlighted by the number of interactive retweets and replies, as the number of replies is five time higher than the previous year, from 186 replies in 2012 to 708 replies in 2013.

The importance and increase in use of Twitter has given individuals a platform to express their opinions, which is one of the key elements that shows that more people are using twitter, more than a year ago. The statistics show, that it has given a base to over 2,058 unique tweeting individuals, which has greatly contributed to the increase in tweets.

This is the word cloud for day one at the Festival. See others here

The most discussed topics were general topics of Journalism and politics. The speakers have provided information and insight for a career Journalist and the current world of Journalism, which has attracted contribution from the volunteers and the topics discussed have gained attention from the festival participants.

Italian Journalist Anna Masera, editor of the Newspaper La Stampa, said: The mood of the web does not exist. We cannot consider the web to have one mood, but as many communities with many moods.


During the Data Driven Journalism workshop, it emerged that a journalist has to look for a data set that may answer questions:

Other interesting topics discussed were how a journalist could cover data stories, as speaker Steve Doing suggests:

As a well known Italian saying prompts: If all starts well, you are already half way on your path to your objective.

The CYMK print is not dead image is by Massimo Gentile

Analysis by

Angelo Centini, data scientist for Buzzdetector
Aarti C. Thobhani, freelance journalist and festival Volunteer
Matteo Di Renzoni, freelance data Journalist
Pier Luca Santoro, expert in Communication and Media
Gianandre Facchini, Founder and CEO of Buzzdetector
Alessandro Belotti, journalist and festival volunteer