Internet for better journalism: #ijf15 day 2

The second day of the festival showed high level of interactions online, in particularly on Twitter. The web conversation analysis made by Buzzflow highlights the most relevant topics of the day.

One of the most discussed issues is the role of journalism in difficult contexts, such as war, political or social crisis. In contexts where news is ambiguous, Internet seems to be able to respond to every question:

These unlimited possibilities of Internet need a responsible journalistic approach. The idea of ethical and responsible use of the web was mentioned in many conversations:

The responsibility of journalist’s work is also the question of its editorial quality. The other issue that appears from web conversations is the evolution of journalism: does Internet make journalism any better?

Among the other related issues discussed online, the development of relations between journalism and social networks, in particularly Facebook, in terms of both creating and consumption of news. Can social network be reliable sources of news?

Perhaps the journalistic community should believe more in its possibilities in the fast-changing world: