Documenting devastation and loss in Mariupol, AFP journalists on the horrors of Gaza, and how tainted gold ends up in high-tech products

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Beneath the rubble: documenting devastation and loss in Mariupol. In the charred remains of Mariupol, a vibrant city once stood. An investigation by Human Rights Watch, SITU Research and Truth Hounds.

Death, exhaustion and suspicion: AFP journalists on the horrors of Gaza. Every day since October 7, AFP’s team of journalists in Gaza have been risking their lives to cover a war that has shaken the world. They have all had to flee their homes, working without respite in the shadow of death in a territory they are not allowed to leave.

From Azerbaijan to smartphones: how tainted gold ends up in high-tech products. In June 2023, journalists from Abzas Media were intimidated and arrested for investigating the Gedabek gold mine in western Azerbaijan. A consortium led by Forbidden Stories continued the reporting of Abzas Media journalists currently behind bars; we followed the trail of gold from the Gedabek mine to Tesla cars, Apple smartphones, and HP computers.

Artificial Intelligence in the news: how AI retools, rationalizes, and reshapes journalism and the public arena. A new report examines the use of AI across editorial, commercial, and technological domains with an eye to the structural implications of AI in news organizations.

CPJ partners with Forbidden Stories to strengthen journalist safety. The partnership will see the two nonprofits share journalists’ requests for financial and non-financial support, including security assistance, with each other, as well as information about journalists who have been killed, jailed, or threatened.

Content from our partner McKinsey & Company

In a recent report from the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility
, JP Julien, Duwain Pinder, Shelley Stewart III, and coauthors explore the Black resident experience across different communities in the US and what it takes to deliver a better quality of life for all residents.

How do news leaders define success in their newsroom? Editors are spoiled for choice when it comes to metrics like lifetime value, quality reads and conversion rate. Eight experts dissect how to gauge article performance and content strategy.

CIR Open Source Film Awards. To showcase the power and impact of Open Source Investigations (OSINV) in journalism, CIR is proud to announce the first edition of the CIR Open Source Film Awards, to be held at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (17-21 April 2024). The deadline for submissions is Friday 23 February 2024.

Microsoft, pushing generative AI in newsrooms, partners with Semafor, CUNY, the Online News Association, and others. “Our goal is to support thriving, sustainable newsrooms with the technology they need to perform the essential function of informing the world,” writes Noreen Gillespie, the first-ever journalism director of Microsoft’s Democracy Forward initiative.

How journalists can develop a successful YouTube strategy. Implementing a YouTube strategy can be a surprisingly effective way for news organizations to achieve a measure of financial sustainability.

CPJ commits $300,000 in immediate funding for Palestinian journalists. The funds are being disbursed via local and regional organizations, namely the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS), Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), and Palestinian NGO Filastiniyat, who are best placed to assist and will cover equipment replacement, emergency shelter, food, and medical supplies as required.

Positivity all round as Bedford Independent launches good news filter. To help show citizens of Bedford, UK, that news isn’t always negative, all stories with a positive angle, from community to charity, arts and culture to sport, will now be tagged with ‘good news’, so readers can see in one place all the excellent things that happen on their doorstep.

Photo credit: Mariupol theatre destroyed by Russian bombardment, screen grab CNN video