The role of media festivals in strengthening independent media, philanthropy’s growing role in American journalism, and DDoS cyber attacks pose major new threat to Hungarian media freedom

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The role of media festivals in strengthening independent media. An IMS report on emerging trends and patterns in Global South journalism and media innovation events.

Philanthropy’s growing role in American journalism. A new study conducted by NORC in partnership with Media Impact Funders and The Lenfest Institute for Journalism reveals increased funding and ethical considerations.

Hungary: DDoS cyber attacks pose major new threat to media freedom. Independent media battling dangerous new form of digital censorship.

Better Leaders: Anita Zielina in conversation with Raju Narisetti. What it means to fail as a leader and how success as a leader is often more than a good bottom line.

Frontier Myanmar: a newsroom in exile. Sonny Swe, the founder of Frontier Myanmar, talks about working in exile from just across the border, in northern Thailand, to provide balanced, in-depth reporting to help make sense of what’s happening in Myanmar.

The Journal du Dimanche strike and the influence of the far right in French journalism. How the longest strike in French journalism in decades unfolded – and what’s next.

Kyrgyzstan prosecutor requests the shutdown of independent media outlet Kloop. The Bishkek Prosecutor’s Office has urged a local court to close down Kloop, OCCRP’s partner in Kyrgyzstan.

Scale AI is on a hiring spree for speakers of under-represented languages. Artificial intelligence developers have a language problem. Generative AI tools thrive in English and Spanish, but early research shows these same tools are chronically underperforming in “low-resource” languages that are less represented on the internet. Now, one of the biggest suppliers of training data seems to be tackling that problem head-on.

Peruvian journalist faces threats and assaults to expose environmental damage from illegal Amazon mining. Manuel Calloquispe has had to face an angry mob laying siege to his house, he’s been called a traitor, he’s been punched and kicked by miners and had his equipment stolen. He once had to duck for cover when someone threw a machete at him. The reason? His decade-long reporting on the environmental havoc caused by the illegal extraction of gold from his childhood home in the Amazon rainforest in eastern Peru.

Manchester Mill newsletter eyes expansion after £1.75m valuation. Startup considers cities including Leeds and Glasgow for new versions of its paywalled local media model.

Photo credit: Auditorium San Francesco al Prato #ijf23 by Francesco Cuoccio