Report for America fights crisis in local news, Meduza is now a ‘foreign agent’, and towards a new era of public interest journalism

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Report for America fights crisis in local news, expands into 200-plus newsrooms with 300 journalists. Forty-five percent of corps members are journalists of color, reflecting America’s diverse communities.

Meduza is a ‘foreign agent’ now. What’s next? Spoiler: We don’t know.

Towards a new era of public interest journalism. This first phase will be about testing the demand and impact of grant funding to assess whether it’s an effective, legitimate and efficient way of increasing support to independent media. We hope many others will join us on this journey to establish public interest media as a valued and resourced global good.  

What Substack is really doing to the media. The company is targeting one of news organizations’ weak points.

WhatsApp and the IFCN offer a financial shot in the arm to fact-checkers fighting vaccine misinformation. The Vaccine Grant Program will distribute a combined $500,000 to help launch or support seven separate projects.

COVID: Why is India censoring media during a public health crisis? Indian authorities are again removing social media posts that criticize the government. Censorship watchdogs say those in charge are trying to cover up the true severity of the ongoing public health crisis.

How New Naratif reframed its pitch to members. A lesson in the importance of asking your community what they want from you.

Covid-19 and the media: A pandemic of paradoxes. This report covers responses to the infringement of the right to freedom of information, misinformation on social media and the impact on public interest media caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with a human-rights based approach and gender-sensitive lens.

Are Google and Facebook really the future of journalism? New policies risk making it so.

Two Spanish journalists killed in Burkina Faso attack. An Irish national and a local man also died after armed individuals on motorbikes attacked a convoy in the east of the conflict-stricken African country.

Image credit: by Markus Spiske from Pixabay.