Some resources for following the war in Ukraine, Suisse Secrets, and banking secrecy is the superpower of kleptocracy

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Some resources for following the war in Ukraine. Lists, liveblogs, maps.

Suisse Secrets. From the heart of a scandalous Swiss bank. Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer will be 2022 International Journalism Festival speakers.

Banking secrecy is the superpower of kleptocracy. An op-ed from OCCRP’s Paul Radu. It was more than a decade ago when we at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project came to understand that we needed to follow the banks if we were to effectively follow the money and properly expose serious crime and corruption. Paul Radu will be a 2022 International Journalism Festival speaker.

Self-care and trauma. Given the nature of their work, the majority of journalists – between 80 and 100% – are exposed to traumatic events, and not just those happening on the frontlines of conflict but the often overlooked everyday tragedies like traffic accidents, fire, homicide, natural disaster and gender-based violence. Being constantly exposed to trauma, either first or second-hand, in-person or online, takes a toll and can have a significant impact on a person’s emotional health.

30 environmental reporters have been killed in a decade: why journalism needs to change. Climate reporting has gone from being a niche beat in most national and international media, to a story that dominates almost all global headlines. Yet the stories from the communities who are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis still remain underfunded and often dangerous to undertake.

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The inclusive consumer.
Do your social values shape your purchase decisions? Do you believe retailers should actively support Black-owned businesses and brands? If you answered yes to both questions, you are one of the estimated 100 million American shoppers who represent the rise of the inclusive consumer. A new article lays out what retailers and brands need to do to keep your business and stay relevant.

Grappling with the journalists’ trilemma: how to rethink news impartiality today. “It’s hard to see how a news outlet can take a clear stance on the issues that divide us and seek to serve everybody in an impartial way.” Rasmus Nielsen will be a 2022 International Journalism Festival speaker.

Suisse Secrets: Swiss outlets ‘censored’ as 47 news orgs investigate bank accounts data leak. Switzerland-based news organisations were excluded from the Suisse Secrets investigation into Credit Suisse’s banking practices over fears of punitive legal punishment.

Seeking news innovators in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. As part of our ongoing commitment to support the news industry around the world, we are launching our third Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge in the region. Funding up to $150,000 is available via this open call for any digital innovative project and all news providers are eligible, regardless of size.

Modular journalism: what you need to know about this new approach to storytelling. The uncomfortable truth is that people rarely read past the first few paragraphs of a news article. New AI-powered technology can help us understand how to tell stories so readers pay attention.

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