Sourcefabric to launch Newscoop 4 at festival

Sourcefabric will announce the launch of Newscoop 4, an open source content management system for news, at the Perugia International Journalism Festival on April 25th. Developed and used by news organisations like Switzerland’s TagesWocheEl Periódico de Guatemala and Yemen Times, Newscoop 4 aims to help independent news organisations manage online publications, enrich content and find new audiences.

Sourcefabric will be holding an informal press conference at the festival on Sunday 29 April at 16.00 in the Sala Priori, at Hotel Brufani. All are welcome!

Newscoop 4 now features an overhauled media archive, drag-and-drop front page management and a range of citizen journalist tools. “Newscoop 4 is built by journalists, for journalists,” said Sava Tatić Managing Director at Sourcefabric. “Everything is centred around a news workflow – the new image handling, dynamic mapping tools and powerful themes are built to get stories online quickly in a way that’s engaging and shareable.”

With breaking news in mind, Newscoop’s front page management is a drag-and-drop interface designed to make the process of designing a front page on-the-fly easy. Journalists and editors have the option of adding any article to the front page, and then moving that article around to determine where on the page it appears.

Developed alongside TagesWoche, Newscoop 4’s community tools allow citizens to become an integral part of news gathering and sharing. Newscoop allows visitors to sign up for a profile, submit images and video to reporters, comment on articles and follow topics and stories as they evolve.

“We believe the times where journalists alone decide what’s news are over,” said co-executive editor Remo Leupin. “Today’s media landscape is diverse. TagesWoche is open to the community to bring in news, discuss issues and set trends for the publication.”

Newscoop 4’s adaptive CSS themes means stories change in size and format to suit any browser or device. Two new themes, the New Custodian and Rock Star, offer starting points from which news sites can completely customise the form and function of their sites. Both are written in $gimme, Sourcefabric’s news-centric templating language that extends the popular PHP Smarty framework.

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Newscoop 4 release: Wednesday 25 April
Newscoop 4 presentation: Sunday 29 April at 16.00 in the Sala Priori, at Hotel Brufani.