State should ‘shoulder responsibility’ for Daphne assassination, lessons on climate storytelling impact from Norway’s public broadcaster, and Erdoğan’s next media crackdown seems inevitable and imminent

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State should ‘shoulder responsibility’ for Daphne assassination. An inquiry into the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has said the state should shoulder responsibility for her death.

Climate storytelling impact: lessons from Norway’s public broadcaster. How do you increase your readers’ interest in climate stories? Two award-winning projects from the online team at Norway’s NRK offer insight that could help newsrooms increase impact and engagement in climate coverage.

Erdoğan’s next media crackdown seems inevitable and imminent. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s campaign to suffocate all remnants of independent media entered a new phase last week. His moves target two venues: social media, which he has repeatedly expressed his contempt for, and the minor but growingly popular online news sites, which are ferociously demonized by pro-government media outlets and his followers.

Pegasus project: all the articles. Forbidden Stories gathered all the article from the Pegasus Project here.

Justice Ministry designates The Insider (Bellingcat’s main partner in Russia) as a ‘foreign agent’. On Friday, July 23, Russia’s Justice Ministry designated another prominent independent news outlet as a “foreign agent,” adding The Insider to its registry. The federal agency also designated another five journalists as “individual foreign agents.”

Welcome to the Online Violence Response Hub. Preventing and combating online violence against women journalists. This Hub is a resource center where women journalists can come to find the latest information on online abuse and harassment. We’ve put everything in one place, allowing you to focus on your safety – instead of combing the internet for answers.

Radio journalist Renante ‘Rey’ Cortes shot and killed in the Philippines. At about 9 a.m. yesterday, unidentified assailants riding a motorcycle shot and killed Cortes while he was standing outside Cebu City’s dyRB radio station, where he hosts a regular political news program.

The Dart Center style guide for trauma-informed journalism. This style guide is designed as a quick, authoritative reference for reporters, editors and producers working on tight deadlines. It includes brief evidence-informed guidance on news choices, language usage and ethics in reporting on the impact of trauma on individuals, families and communities; recommendations for appropriate use of relevant psychological and scientific terminology; and special considerations when reporting on consequential trauma-laden issues such as racism and sexual violence.

Tunisia police storm Al Jazeera office in Tunis. Security forces involved in the raid said they were carrying out instructions and asked all journalists to leave.

How a journalism agency specializing in Brazil’s Freedom of Information Act managed to get 27 years of pension payments released. Seventy stories and still counting. This is the main result of an ongoing struggle waged since 2017 for the disclosure of all pension and retirement payments by the Brazilian government. On the front line is Fiquem Sabendo, a journalism agency specializing in the Freedom of Information Act.

Camila Acosta speaks from house arrest about covering Cuba’s historic protests. “I am not free, but at least I am out of the dungeons,” Camila Acosta told CPJ via messaging app after her release to house arrest on July 16 following a four-day detention for covering the recent protests in Cuba.

Grow your digital news startup with us. Created in partnership between the Google News Initiative (GNI), German media innovation hub Media Lab Bayern, and the European Journalism Centre (EJC), the GNI Startups Lab Europe supports high-quality reporting for local communities, single-topic audiences and/or previously underserved communities.

Rory Peck Awards. Established in 1995, the Awards aim to give freelance journalists the ​​recognition they deserve, rewarding the most outstanding work​ produced each year and highlighting their significant contribution to the international media industry. The deadline for entries for the 2021 Awards is Wednesday 4 August.

Mexican journalist Ricardo López shot and killed in Sonora. López, the founder and editor of news website InfoGuaymas, was shot and killed in the late afternoon on July 22, his 47th birthday, by an unknown assailant using a .38 caliber handgun in a parking lot of a convenience store in the city of Guaymas, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

‘Manhunt’ for BBC journalist as China targets foreign correspondents covering fatal Henan floods. Foreign correspondents in China are suffering harassment and death threats, both online and offline, after reporting on flooding in the province of Henan that has claimed some 70 lives so far this month.

Image credit: Ethan Doyle White, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons