#ijf13, the guide to Sunday 28 April

UPDATE: Yoani Sanchez to be interviewed by Mario Calabresi, editor of the Italian daily La Stampa, at 21.00 in the Sala dei Notari.

28 April, the last day of # ijf13. A vast collection of discussions, presentations and workshops to greet you. It is time to note this phase of transition as we have seen it through the last four days of the Festival.

New scenarios to talk about, new formats to propose, new readers and new platforms. Eric Carvin, Gregory Galant and Mario Lalli Tedeschini will discuss what is the state and the future of digital media in this era of transition, trying to create a view “over the horizon”, in an event organized by ONA (Hotel Brufani – Sala Raffaello, 17:00).

A changing landscape, where mainstream media is unlikely to be able to impose the hegemony they once enjoyed  if they are unable to innovate (“Innovating in tough situations” is an event organized by CJR, Hotel Brufani – Sala Raffaello, 10:00), with the competition of new players who manage to get into a classic cycle and present themselves as an alternative, or as an integral part (the “crowd” which investigates explained by Heather Brooke and Paul Lewis, Centro Servizi G. Alessi, 15:30).

An increasing use of  modern means of interpersonal and informative communication, which risks a sense of “digital vertigo” described in the book by Andrew Keen, which will be presented by the author (Hotel Brufani – Sala Raffaello, 12:00).

Finally, the theme of European “disintegration” (Sala dei Notari, 11:30), Tunisia two years after the fall of Ben Ali (Hotel Brufani – Sala Raffaello, 14:00), the journey as the telling of existence and of self, from the female point of view (Centro Servizi G. Alessi, 10:00).

The programme, as usual, here – and here for live blogging.