The festival is ready to go. Are you?

The festival programme is now (almost) complete.

There are 217 events in the festival programme, 515 speakers, 251 volunteers, about 300 accredited journalists (increasing day by day), 11 different festival venues.

Of the 48 festival workshops 35 are now fully booked.

The events each speaker will participate in are listed on his/her individual profile page.

All festival events are free entry. Of all the festival events, only the workshops require registration.

If you want to enjoy the festival, just come to Perugia. No registration and no payment is necessary.

Simultaneous translation will be provided at all festival events featuring non-Italian-speaking speakers.

Almost all festival events will be posted on the festival webtv. The festival events will not be live-streamed. The logistical challenges of guaranteeing uninterrupted real-time viewing over 11 different (historic) venues, none of which has the necessary permanently-installed telecommunications infrastructure, are simply too big to be rationally undertaken.