thursday 26 april: what’s on at the festival

Day 2 marks the beginning of the school of data journalism organized in association with the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation, which will comprise of three panels and five workshops taking place during the whole International Journalism Festival. The first panel (9 am, Hotel Brufani) will see two Pulitzer-winning journalists, Steve Doig and Sarah Duke, discuss how to use news and numbers to produce stories with the Guardian’s Datablog editor, Simon Rogers, The New York Times’s editor of interactive news, Aaron Pilhofer, and others – before leading themselves a workshop on precision journalism and Pulitzer prizes (2 pm, Hotel Sangallo). Throughout the day, some of the most important events happened during last year are addressed. The 100 million online views viral video campaign Kony 2012 is discussed (9 pm, Hotel Brufani) by Charlie Beckett (LSE), Evgeny Morozov (author of ‘The Net Delusion’), Martin Dawes (UNICEF), radio and tv journalist Kevin Doris Ejon and deputy director of Innovation and Development at the Italian media company at Gruppo Editoriale l’Espresso Mario Tedeschini Lalli. Beckett is also taking part in a discussion about the phone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s News International (3.30 pm, Centro Servizi G. Alessi) together with David Aaronovitch (The Times), Claudio Giua (Gruppo l’Espresso) and Amelia Hill (The Guardian), and in a panel – organized in association with the Columbia Journalism Review – on moderation and participation in the future of nws (12 am, Hotel Brufani). The suicide of Mohamed Bouhazizi that sparked the ‘arab revolution’ will be remembered through a docu-film for school children by Raffaele Masto and Stefano Vergine (9.30 am, Teatro del Pavone). War reporting is the topic of a workshop by Al Jazeera journalist Laith Mushtaq taking place at Hotel Sangallo (10 am). The subsequent workshop, in association with, explains how to trust a source found on Facebook or Twitter (11.30 am, Hotel Sangallo).

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