Twitter: Is time on our side?

With the single phrase above, we are able to describe the gap between the traditional form of media and the current (storming) impacting evolution, of the channel of communication and the news source.
Gianni Mura’s quote above states how the need for a common language is essential to increase the average level of information, with the focus on the granularity of the sources and the standing of Journalists and analysts.
A standing with new roots in the ability to narrate and create empathy with news and being close to the story.

For the journalist, it is no longer important to be the first to publish the news, but more important to have the ability to be able to manage multi-media tools and sharing platforms.

It is now based upon the ability to retrieve information even when facing a reluctant PA.

As a standing the ability to choose and tackle uncomfortable topics, going if necessary against the editorial policy.

The second day of the Journalism Festival, confirms the high increase of participation, mainly through Twitter. The real-time analysis performed on the dedicated monitoring platform, prepared by Buzzdetector, shows that there has been a triple amount of contribution with 2.546 tweeters, contributing to the Festival. Last year, there were 1.307 tweeters and so far this year has seen an overall huge outstanding increase of interaction via re-tweets and replies. The peak of tweets on the second day, was reached at 6.12pm with 119 tweets per minute.
The level of engagement is outlined from some key words emerging from the word cloud. Looking closely at the world cloud, it highlights words such as community, social and engagement with a strong commitment towards fact checking.

A key event at the festival was the “Gazebo” event, staring Diego Bianchi aka “Zoro” and Marco Dambrosio aka “Makkox”.

During the day, we will publish the map of the social network analysis to focus on the main points of the conversation.

Analysed by
Angelo Centini, data scientist for Buzzdetector

Aarti C. Thobhani, freelance journalist and festival volunteer

Matteo Di Renzoni, freelance data journalist

Pier Luca Santoro, Communication and Media Expert

Gianandrea Facchini, Founder and Ceo of Buzzdetector

Alessandro Belotti, journalist and festival volunteer