useful practical info for festival attendees

Here are some important practical points for festival attendees, in particular for those who will come to the festival for the first time this week.

1. All the 220 festival events are free entry.

2. Attendance at any of the 49 festival workshops requires pre-registration (in order to maintain participant numbers at a pre-established maximum level). All non-workshop events are free entry without the need for registration.

3. Given that events are free entry, attendees will be allowed in on a first-come-first-served basis. Once a venue for a particular event is full, no more attendees will be allowed in. If you are keen to attend any given event, it is advisable to arrive early. For some high-profile events, please be aware that it will be necessary to queue. Please also be aware that for some high-profile events not all those who wish to attend will be able to get in.

4. All festival events take place in Perugia town centre. All 12 festival venues are within short walking distance of each other.

5. Free simultaneous translation will be provided at all festival events featuring non-Italian-speaking speakers. In the festival brochure the events with translation are indicated with a headphones symbol. If there is no headphones symbol next to the event in the brochure it means that no translation will be provided and that the event will be conducted in Italian.

6. The festival infopoint will be located in the Hotel Brufani in piazza Italia in Perugia town centre.

7. All festival venues except the Sala Baldeschi will provide free wi-fi to attendees. Wi-fi passwords will be available at the festival infopoint.