Web conversation on #ijf14, day 1

On the first day of #ijf14, 1931 users produced 5719 tweets, half of them as retweets and 6.8% as replies. The peak of conversations was at 5:45 p.m. with one tweet every 3 minutes. Thirty-nine percent of conversations were in English. National online mainstream sources diffused 65% of news, in contrast to 35% for local sources.

One of the issues that generates a lot of interest is the future of journalism in a digital context. In particular, two topics dominated the conversations: the first, concerning workshops and panel discussions (e.g. New narratives in videojournalism), was focused on tips about digital tools for journalism.

The other was a discussion about digital content, with special attention on the reflections of well-known journalists such Vittorio Zucconi and Felix Salmon, including some “provocative” statements.

A high level of interest (and consequently web conversation) also marked the topic of Open Data and the fight against corruption. The attention reached its peak during the meeting with Don Ciotti and Gian Antonio Stella, which also appears in a tag cloud of tweets. Not surprisingly conversation about these events made up 30% of the total tweets on the first day of the International Journalism Festival.

All details about web conversation on the first #ijf14 day can be found on the platform Buzzdetector: Buzzflow.