Web listening at journalism festival

One more new feature to enjoy at the 2013 International Journalism Festival.

Thanks to an agreement with web listening company Buzzdetector, all internet conversations related to the festival will be reviewed and analyzed in real time using dynamic charts. Then, through techniques of content curation and with the aid of a team of social media listeners including volunteers, daily highlights of the festival will be produced.

Digital journalism is increasingly based on online conversation listening and social media data analysis. The journalistic process of filtering and verifying the accuracy of sources has now changed shape and is based on real-time ability to manage huge quantities of information by means of Monitoring and Data Analysis tools that leading media organisations worldwide already use.

Buzzdetector is a company founded in 2007 that specializes in listening to online networks. It operates in 6 different languages on a proprietary platform and will be a technical partner of the 2013 International Journalism Festival.

International Journalism Festival volunteers who wish to apply to join the web listening team may do so by sending an email with the reference “Web Listening Team” to volontari@festivaldelgiornalismo.com.