wikileaks symposium

Watch the video of the symposium. The symposium took place on 16 April 2011.

The US diplomatic cables began to be published on 28 November 2010. Of exceptional interest is not so much the content of the cables as the reaction on all sides to the publication of the cables. Has there ever been a more enlightening open discussion on what liberal democracy is and/or should be. Of the many subsets of issues to emerge, the deceptively simple questions what is journalism? and who is a journalist? require addressing.

For those interested in some background reading, here is the list of articles the International Journalism Festival posted on the subject during the weeks following 28 November.

Fabio Chiusi ilNichilista
Federica Cocco editor-in-chief
Daniel Domscheit-Berg founder, former spokesman Wikileaks
Alessandro Gilioli L’espresso
Peter Ludlow philosopher, Northwestern University, Chicago
Evgeny Morozov columnist Foreign Policy
Dan Roberts national editor The Guardian
Micah Sifry co-founder Personal Democracy Forum (in the photo)

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