Women-led newsrooms help change journalism in Global South, creative approaches to sharing investigation findings, and killing the messenger 2023

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These women-led newsrooms are helping change journalism in the Global South. Editors from Brazil, Uganda, Nigeria and Nepal share what they’ve learnt while launching independent projects with a focus on women’s issues.

Find your way: creative approaches to sharing investigation findings. Many investigators are searching for new ways to reach a wider public and create impact, as the consumers of long-form or investigative reporting are harder to find. Different ways – some crazy, some brilliant, some both brilliant and crazy – have already been tried, with varying results.

Killing the messenger 2023. INSI’s annual report of media casualties. Let us remind ourselves why we collect and publish details of journalists’ deaths every year. We do it to remember and honour the sacrifice of colleagues who have lost their lives for journalism. We also do it, crucially, to keep a very close eye on the evolving threats and risks to journalists – so that we can prevent them, mitigate them, or advocate against them

Q&A with Sigma Awards executive director Marianne Bouchart. “The mission of the Sigma Awards is to bring light on the best data journalism from around the world, wherever it comes from, whatever country, whatever media organization, no matter how many people worked on it, no matter how much resources have been put on the project.”

Journalists are burned out. Some newsrooms are fighting back. Keeping reporters healthy over the long term often requires both systemic and behavioral changes, and getting buy-in often isn’t easy.

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What role can US leaders at the state level play in the clean-energy transition?
McKinsey senior partner Adi Kumar and coauthors outline three actions leaders can take to initiate or accelerate their states’ decarbonization plans, and explain how acting as a convenor, planner, coordinator, or catalyst can help ensure their states meet net-zero goals efficiently and equitably.

The Fox News of France. How French billionaire Vincent Bolloré and CNews have reshaped political discourse in Paris and beyond.

Why Google and Meta ‘owe’ news publishers. Our working paper found that the tech giants owe publishers billions of dollars. Here’s how we arrived at that conclusion and what it means.

News organizations are leaving Twitter. What about you? Even with Twitter losing credibility, leaving the platform requires a significant shift in how journalists track developing news. That’s easier said than done.

The New York Times rolls out new byline pages. With both mistrust in media and AI-generated news on the rise, The New York Times has rolled out new byline pages that emphasize the ethical guidelines and real-life humans behind its reporting.

Shoot The Messenger. The saddest part of this whole saga is that the $50 million Finkelstein and his team chewed through could have funded a hundred local news startups that people might actually want or need.

Photo credit: members of the newsroom of AzMina, a women-led news organisation in Brazil, from the 30 January 2024 RISJ article These women-led newsrooms are helping change journalism in the Global South.