Expo China News

17 aprile 2015

China has built one the biggest pavilions at EXPO 2015. One million of chinese tourists are expected to come to Italy. This can be an unique occasion to improve the relationships between the two nations and get the two countries to know each other better.

This was the main topic of the panel “Expo China News”, which took place at “Centro Servizi Alessi” on Friday 17 April. The discussion was introduced and moderated by Federico Fioravanti (Umbria Touring) and the guests were Senator Zhu Yuhua (vice president of China Corporate Pavilion and former interpreter of the italian President Sandro Pertini), Teresa Tseng (cultural mediator for Rai Expo and teacher of Chinese Language and culture at University of Roma Tre), Enrico Plateo (WeChat Italy) and Guanghui Xu (e-commerce enterpreneur).

The panel focused on the necessity to promote Italy among the chinese visitors – not only the city of Milan, but all our national excellences.

Enrico Plateo talked about the role of WeChat in the chinese communication, both for business and for personal reasons.The chinese market, unlike the european one,  is native digital, therefore many aspects of the daily life are managed online. WeChat is an essential tool to get to communicate with the chinese visitors.

The lack of familiarity with e-commerce in Italy was pointed out also by Xu,who talked about his difficulties in copin with italian beaurocracy.

Senator Zhu and Teresa Tseng focused more on the cultural side: the main point of their speech was the necessity to promote chinese culture in Italy and present Italy to the chinese tourists in an effective way. According to Ms Tseng, who is also working with second generation chinese immigrants, the integration of the two cultures is vital to build a real multicultural society and can be a positive aspect also businesswise.

Irene Doda