Danielle Batist: co-founder Constructive Journalism Project
Sean Dagan Wood: co-founder Constructive Journalism Project

This morning the co-founders of the Constructive Journalism Project, Danielle Batist and Sean Dagan Wood, discussed about how journalism can be more engaging and constructive if showing social issues in a way that people may see how humanity is progressing.

Considering the fact that there is a culture in journalism to spread bad news, the speakers highlighted the fact that most of the people feel uncomfortable when following daily news because, as a consequence, they are not very inspirational. If the news stories were framed positively this could empower the audience to respond constructively to some issues happening around them.

The Constructive Project main purpose is to engage people even when telling a bad story considering the matter that media has the power to shape society so, why not to spread some more broaden and positive news?

The solution for that can succeed not only applying positive psychology techniques to create more productive stories but also showing how people are strong and not only victims. This kind of journalism might offer a more meaningful role for the journalist.

Gabriela Fernandez