April 16th

Speakers: Alessio Cimarelli (co-founder Dataninja)
Mara Cinquepalmi (GiULiA Emilia Romagna)
Francesca Clementoni (Radio Città Fujiko)
Giacomo Fusina (founder of Human Highway)
Andrea Nelson Mauro (co-founder Dataninja)
Pier Luca Santoro (DataMediaHub)
Lelio Simi (co-founder DataMediaHub)

The DataMediaHub team presented this morning their job and ideas in the International Journalism Festival. The group has the role to gather as much information as they can, in an informative and interactive way, about datas of some important Italian editorial groups. DataMediaHub was founded by: Pier Luca Santoro, Andrea Nelson Mauro, Alessio Cimarelli, Lelio Simi and Massimo Gentile.

The main points that DataMediaHub consider important for them to analyse and, consequently, create a reliable graphic are the editorials’: balance, the audience ( if they are reaching the public attention or not and, more importantly, this enable the possibility for the companies to improve the service that they offer), Media and Gender (who is having access to the editorial groups services, calculating the number of male and female) and th finances of these groups. The average time that DataMediaHub spend analysing and gathering these datas is 5 years.

Gabriela Fernandez