Mobile Reporting: Multimedia storytelling

Speaker: Robb Montgomery (multimedia consultant)

Robb Montgomery, multimedia consultant, was able to prove, in a workshop this afternoon, that “Your Smartphone is Your Newsroom”. With the technolgy that mobile phones are currently providing us, the possibility to report compelling interactive stories became easier.

Robb mentioned some steps that might make things easier for people who are interested in doing some entertaining and enganging stories: firstly, it would be useful to learn how to work with a camera and, at least, know some photos techniques to get most of smartphones applications. Another important advice is to plan a visual story and write to its pictures.

As shown throughout Robb Montgomery’s workshop: the mobile phone is an extremely powerful tool to report stories and, to make matters better, there are several options of free applications that enable people to edit and create multimedia contents easily. One of the thoughts expressed by Robb in the workshop was: “maybe there is another way to engage the audience”. That is what smarthphones provide us nowadays: the possibility to inovate the way we tell stories.

Gabriela Fernandez