Women in Media

In the context of news business, publications, journalism, there are tow broad problems. One is how do we cover women, and the other one is the role that the women in the organizations like journalism and publications. As to the coverage of women, in the age seventies and eighties. The front-page of magazines, journals and the experts were all men, and we still have the same problem. For whatever reason, journalists stills believe that, male experts are more authoritative. It’s a continue epic that we have to make to diversify people. Also the speaker Gabriella Stern, director of media Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation thought that we have been unconscious when we cover women, she is really struggle by the coverage by media on women. But she does think that there exists double standards when the media do reports on women, such as some coverage on the candidate of united states president Hilary Clinton. When she was covered by the media, she was been asked a higher standard. When cover important significant women in politics business or whatever, we have to say that there are different standards to men.

“Gender quality is equal treatment” says Catherine Mayer,writer and journalist. And it’s not only about gender diversity, it’s about diversity in gender. There are newsrooms horribly un-diverse in terms of plans. In Uk it’s particularly bad when you have these newsrooms when basically every single person went to the same public schools, and that leads to the coverage you get.

“We need to encourage women” says Lucy Marcus, CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting. When people read job descriptions, if men have thirty percent of what is needed in the job, he will say he can do it. But instead, women need to feel a hundred and ten percent confident then she is dare to apply for the job. As for female journalists, they don’t have to worry about the gatekeepers or whatever else, just try to write. The worst situation is that you don’t get the job, the best situation is that you get the job. So the current thing is that we need to encourage women to feel brave enough.

There is some right situation that women were given much responsibility, and women need to ask for more money, that’s important. When women read job descriptions and were nervous about it, that’s the moment to apply for it. Even if you don’t get the job, at least you will get experience. And the boss will know that you are ambitious, you have been moving on and that’s good for the boss to know. You won’t get promotion if you don’t show your interests.

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