Help Define the Moral Imperatives that should be guiding media and platforms’ decisions

PURUGIA: (Thursday, April 12, 2018): the XII edition of International Journalism Festival 2018 has begun on Wednesday in Perugia, Italy. CUNY Graduate School of Journalism professor and tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism Jeff Jarvis said that there are no dimensions of ethical and moral basics in journalism business model. He was talking with the session at International Journalism Festival 2018 at Perugia, Italy. CEO and Executive Editor of Rappler Maria Ressa said that journalists, media organizations and editors understand the responsibility. She also said that in some media outlets they forget the mission of journalism. The actual mission of the journalism is to inform people and propagating information. She mentioned an example that journalism is like to build a house and you cannot let people enter into your house. She said that it is very fundamental that journalists should have responsibility and accountability. She also mentioned the role of artificial intelligence in journalism and critically elaborated that the manipulation of information is not being done by human but from human made technology.

The editor-in-chief BuzzFeed UK said that journalist and organizations should listen people. She also highlighted the problems with journalist’s organizations and platforms are facing in terms of revenue and content. The other speakers also talked about the media and individual responsibility, ethical imperatives for platforms to build trust and focus on true mission of journalism. The panel also discussed about the role of business and advertising on media trust and the information.

Muhammad Ittefaq