Tools for Trust: A practical, Do-Something-Now Guide

PURUGIA: (Saturday, April 14, 2018): Chief Executive Officer Meedan Ed Bice, Co-founder and CEO Hearken Jennifer Brandel, CEO, Co-founder Neva Labs Mark Little and Temple University Finland Professor Aron Pilhofer and Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Professor Rasmus Nielsen addressed the session of ‘Tools for Trust: A practical, Do-Something-Now guide’. Jennifer Brandel introduced the work of Hearken and discussed the challenges to measure the trust of media but she said that new technology is helping to use more metrics to measure media trust among people. She spoke about different tools including justice design and within this tool mentality is very important. She said that it is like editor design a process for assignments, the reporting process, the story formatting and channels which you are using for distribution. She said it is very important that news organizations should listen people and their comments. She said relational approach is very important to build trust among audience and newsroom. As she highlighted that “we believe responsible reporting begins with listening”. She also said that there are number of organizations which are dealing with this phenomenon to improve and measure media trust globally including Ground Source and Hearken and she said that media organizations should focus on public powered way of storytelling. At the end of her talk she described five factors which can destroy the trust. For instance, be inaccessible, show lack of care and concern, misunderstood the needs of your audience, sell what you have- not what you needed and lastly be interested only when you need something.

Ed Bice said that there are number of organizations which are dealing with media trust phenomenon. He mentioned the names like datawrapper, storytelling and gather. He said these are the organizations are working on real data and data visualization and charts and journalists can track their stories and measure the trust through it. Mark Little named European Journalism Centre, First Draft, Civil, De Correspondent and Center for Human Technology. Rasmus Nielsen and Aron Pilhofer talked about the role of research and academia to solve this problem. Both university professors highlighted the importance of the collaborative work between academia and practical journalism to tackle mistrust or distrust on media system.

Muhammad Ittefaq