Democracy hacked: how technology is destabilizing global politics

Sala Brugnoli, Perugia; 10:00 | 4th April 2019

It was a presentation of the book “Democracy hacked: how technology is destabilizing global politics” (2018) by Martin Moore & moderated by Mathew Ingram. Martin Moore is director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power and Senior Lecturer in Political Communication Education at King’s College, University of London.The event started with the similarities between different countries and their political campaigns online.
In the space of one election cycle, authoritarian governments, moneyed elites and fringe hackers figured out how to game elections, bypass democratic processes, and turn social networks into battlefields. Facebook, Google, and Twitter – where our politics now takes place – have lost control and are struggling to claw it back. Politics is transforming into the online world.
Martin, who says he doesn’t understand the politics. But he studies a subject, research, understands & write about it.
Mathew says Facebook has a massive impact on elections worldwide & urges that algorithms/programs cannot solve every problem/issue. Martin categorizes the issue into two: (i) by design & (ii) by complexity.
The presentation also discussed the mindset of Silicon Valley company – “If you can do it, you should do it” but shall we do it? Is it a need for an hour?
As our lives migrate online, we have become increasingly vulnerable to digital platforms founded on selling your attention to the highest bidder. Our laws don’t cover what is happening, and our politicians don’t understand it. But if we don’t change the system now, we may not get another chance.
Presentation concluded with one question both by attendees & speakers – How do regulations complies transparency in algorithms? Everyone should ask platforms/governments – Who owns their data? What is access given to you? What part of data? Etc.
And answers will come from asking questions to governments/platforms by Journalists/Citizens.

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Press release by Pratik Ghumade – volunteer press office IJF19