This meet-up aims to share ways of bringing content to new audiences.

In 2023 the Display Europe initiative launched a federated multi-lingual platform with 17 media organizations. We believe in a European media grounded in public values and inclusivity and set out to build a space independent from governments as well as commercial influences. This space allows Europeans – regardless of their background – to connect, share ideas, debate opinions, and find reliable information to hold the powerful to account.

We will share some of what we learned when launching the Display Europe platform in 2023, touch on the problems we set out to solve as well as solutions, and discuss concrete collaboration possibilities.

Participating speakers include Marija Katalinić (European Cultural Foundation), Slawek Blich (Krytyka Polityczna), Tina Lee (Hostwriter), Vladimir Radinović (Community Media Forum of Europe), Julia Vernersson (Hostwriter).

This event is open to all.

Venue: Indigo Art Gallery and Café, Via Oberdan 51, Perugia.

Contact info: or

Organised by Hostwriter, Community Media Forum Europe and European Cultural Foundation.