An interactive session based on a series of systems thinking workshops ICFJ held to map the gaps in the journalism landscape that keep digital news startups from thriving, and to identify leverage points where interventions could have the most impact. The workshops were held in Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa.

This workshop will guide participants through a systems design process and focus on actionable outcomes.

Key focus areas:

Navigating Funding Complexities: This segment will explore the intricate web of journalism funding. Discussions will revolve around the inconsistent and trend-driven nature of tech platform funding, the cumbersome processes of institutional donors, and the imperative for sustainable, long-term financial strategies.

Shared Services as a Lifeline: The panel will highlight the dire need for affordable, shared services among journalism organizations. From legal support to HR and financial advice, we'll discuss how a centralized hub for these services could revolutionize support structures for journalism entities.

Bridging the Business Skills Gap: Many journalists excel in reporting but stumble in business management. We'll dissect the limitations of short-term accelerator programs and emphasize the need for comprehensive, strategic business guidance tailored to the unique needs of news organizations.

Coffee and tea are included.

This workshop is by invitation only.

Venue: Hotel La Rosetta, Piazza Italia 19, Perugia.

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Organised by International Center for Journalists.