Digital journalism and (new) rights - Copyright issues in digital journalism

The advent of the digital allows both the indiscriminate and the discriminating use of the content of others. Journalists have never had it so good, information-wise. But what content of others can be used and what can’t? In short, how to maximise the quality of your journalistic output without violating copyright laws.

How to correctly cite sources and the content of others.

How to correctly transcribe the content of others.

How to correctly reuse content produced for different users.

Organised in association with the department of Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations at the University of Milan and the Osservatorio Europeo sulla Resistenza Elettronica, le Liberation Technology e i Diritti Umani

Workshops are free entry but registration is required. Each workshop will have a limited number of participants. The workshop registration form will be put on the website soon. Workshop registration will begin on 15 March 2012.