Entrepreneurial journalism: reinventing the business of news

As the traditional media is forced into cutting jobs and content, more journalists are looking for other ways to practice their craft, and audiences are moving with them. In this workshop Adam Westbrook will talk about the growing area of entrepreneurial journalism: using the the flexibility and low cost of online publishing to build new products, develop new communities and create small nimble businesses which make profit. Through examples of successful new businesses and practical advice, Adam will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurial journalism, what makes a good business idea and how to create intentionally small and successful business. This session is perfect for individual journalists with an idea for a news product, or freelancers looking to grow their business.

Organised in association with media140.com

Workshops are free entry but registration is required. Each workshop will have a limited number of participants. The workshop registration form will be put on the website soon. Workshop registration will begin on 15 March 2012.