From technology to form&content to understanding

In contemporary society the word technology is undergoing a change and we are currently embracing multiple languages. The biggest challenge of the moment is to combine all these languages to increase understanding. Form and content have to work together to deliver an idea that is enjoyable, useful and informative.

Editorial design has at its heart the function of communicating a journalistic idea or story through the purposeful use of visuals and words which, over time, transform information into comprehension. Constructing visual representation of information is not mere translation of what can be read to what can be seen. It entails filtering the information, establishing relationships, discerning patterns and representing them in a way that allows the consumer of that information to process and digest meaningful knowledge. The effort is to combine and organize data, select and choose how to display it in order to tell a story that can be an alternative to writing an article of ten thousand words or more. In this way an infographic spread is at the same time design but also narrative. This means a union between graphics and journalism because it is not only a representation but also an interpretation of the reality.