Real-time news curation - how to set up, create and curate a topic-specific newsradar

What are the “steps”, the best practices and tools to curate a real-time newsradar on a specific topic?

Problem: how can individuals keep themselves informed on any specific topic given the amount of sources and quantity of content being published daily?

How to solve it: human curators with the help of news discovery, filtering and aggregation tools can edit, publish and distribute news channels which present and organize the best, most relevant, and hardest-to-find info on very specific topics.

How to identify a possible niche topic

How to identify relevant sources

How to find relevant content

How to aggregate multiple sources

How to pick and select relevant news and stories

How to title

How to edit and work with descriptions

How to credit

How to share and distribute your newsradar

Examples of commercial newsradars in the wild

Possible opportunities for newsradar monetization

Recommended resources for further learning

Participants requirements: read this article before the workshop and familiarity with RSS feeds, Twitter, blogs and social media

Technical requirements: none

Organised in association with Robin Good University - POP Campus

Workshops are free entry but registration is required. Each workshop will have a limited number of participants. The workshop registration form will be put on the website soon. Workshop registration will begin on 15 March 2012.