Digital journalism and (new) rights - Secrecy, confidentiality and privacy

In his work a journalist can rely on a series of guarantees which cover the secrecy of sources while being obliged to respect, within certain limits, the privacy of people involved. However, the borderline between secrecy and privacy is frequently confused and confusing, leading to one or the other being used and/or invoked erroneously. The aim of the workshop is to clarify the relationship between the secrecy of the journalist and the guarantee of privacy as established by the Privacy Code and to illustrate the relationships with the courts and the collection of evidence. Concrete examples will be used to facilitate the discussion.

Relationships with sources, leaking and whistleblowing.

Journalists in court and professional secrecy

Seizure of a journalist’s computer

Privacy and open source intelligence

Organised in association with the department of Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations at the University of Milan and the Osservatorio Europeo sulla Resistenza Elettronica, le Liberation Technology e i Diritti Umani

Workshops are free entry but registration is required. Each workshop will have a limited number of participants. The workshop registration form will be put on the website soon. Workshop registration will begin on 15 March 2012.