Over the past year or so a number of initiatives have shown that journalists, bloggers and environmental communicators need both to reflect on their specificity in the panorama of contemporary journalism and to enhance their online presence. This panel discussion (which follows the open talk last November in Rimini during Ecomondo and the experience of Labcamp in Ravenna last September) will assess the actions carried out to highlight the strengths of green information, raise shared experience to new goals and create the conditions for a stable comparison.

Introduction Mauro Spagnolo, editor Rinnovabili.it

Web experience coordinated by Paola Bolaffio,
 Giornalisti Nell’Erba

Ecotelegrams Simonetta Lombardo,

Talking of hangouts Peppe Croce, blogger and journalist

 stategy Vittorio Pasteris

The Rio +20 
appeal Marco Fratoddi

#TwitBattito Alberto Fiorillo

A better way to say environment Ilaria Romano,
 Giornalisti Nell’Erba

Involved participants: experiences, questions, points of view.

Conclusion Mario Salomone,
 editor .Eco

To be followed by the creation of a committee to promote the association of journalists, bloggers and communicators for the environment.