How to effectively and directly inform citizens about science and the environment? After the recent events held at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and at the European Commission, Giornalisti Nell’Erba, in partnership with ANSA, continue their search for a "right language" to inform the general public about environmental issues and scientific discoveries. Reflections on effective techniques applied to the language of the media, on good green communication - less judgmental, less self-centered, more supportive (useful therefore to build communities and networking) and more concrete, overcoming the internal codes often perceived as auto-referential and difficult without having to choose “popular” approaches.

The “language” of young GNE - Eric Barbizzi (8), Andrea Sorrentino (18), Alice Attiani (16), Bianca Attiani (14), Jules Benveniste, (17), Lara Attiani (9), David De Angelis graphic manager gNe and Paola Bolaffio editor gNe

Science & Technology, the new channel ANSA for children and the partnership with GNE - Enrica Battifoglia ANSA Science & Technology channel

Redefining Stories About the Environment - Simran Sethi freelance journalist, Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia

The Environment in Italian newspapers - Andrea Bertaglio Il Fatto Quotidiano

Contributions of environmental&scientific journalists

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