The explosion of social media has had the effect of reducing the attention span of readers, who in turn are ever hungrier for real time news. Given the lack of resources, traditional newsrooms have so far looked to Facebook and Twitter in order not to lose the battle of breaking news. This is where they are mistaken.

The reader wants to be updated in real time, but also demands authority and quality. He is not interested in the indistinct background noise that publishers fish out here and there from Twitter to plug the holes. The need to provide value to the news is the great challenge of real-time journalism. Otherwise, the reader will look elsewhere.

In this workshop, examples of great live journalism from all over the world will be offered. We will learn the techniques, tools and publishing strategies to build a large narrative in real time, capable of charming the reader and keeping him glued to the page - abandoning the passive dependence of social media and finally bringing the news back home.

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