Awards ceremony of the fourth edition of the Stories on Umbria Journalism Award, set up and managed by the Chambers of Commerce of Perugia and Terni.

The award invites the submission of articles (print media or online publications) or TV programmes on Umbria published or broadcast in the period between 01 January 2012 and 28 February 2013. The value of the prize in each of the three sections (print media, online media and TV broadcast) is 2,500 euros.

The finalists in the print media section are: Federica Botta (Itinerari e Luoghi), Nell Casey (The New York Times), Alessandra Mammì (L’Espresso).

The finalists in the online media section are:  Gamer Bautdinov (, Alex Berger (, Lee Marshall (

The finalists in the TV broadcast section are: Cristina Erbetta (RAI Storia), Marco Hagge (Bellitalia - RAI 3), Patrizio Roversi and Syusy Blady (Slow Tour - Rete 4).

The objective of the award is to promote the artistic, environmental and economic qualities of the Umbria region, so providing greater visibility both in Italy and abroad to the excellence in so many fields – particularly that of its many top-drawer businesses - that Umbria can offer.

The president of the 2013 awards jury is Bruno Gambacorta. On the 2013 jury are also the president of the Perugia Chamber of Commerce Giorgio Mencaroni, the president of the Terni Chamber of Commerce Enrico Cipiccia, Mario Pera, Giuliana Piandoro, Paola Buonuomo and the journalists Dennis Redmont, Federico Fioravanti and Egidio Urbanella.