By laeffe (the new channel of Feltrinelli) and LA7, four documentaries filmed by Michael Mann, the director of Collateral and Public Enemies - Witness: Juarez, Witness: Libya, Witness: Rio, Witness: Sudan

Drugs, poverty, violence, corruption, arms trafficking and ethnic war have created some of the most dangerous hot spots on the planet. Witness follows the new generation of photojournalists in conflict areas in Mexico, Libya, Brazil, Sudan. What makes a journalist go closer to the action when everyone else is looking for shelter?

Witness: Juarez

Eros Hoagland has been a reporter in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti. In Juarez Mexico, the murder capital of the world with over 19,000 deaths related to drug trafficking, Eros tells the story, with great emotional impact, of the murder of a man in his car and the contrast between the silence of death and the arrival of the police.