When it comes to women in politics (like Hilary Clinton) some parts of the Western media still give a perhaps surprising amount of attention to the way they are dressed and the number of wrinkles on their face. Women at the top like Sheryl Sandberg, CEO at Facebook, or Marissa Meyer, president and CEO of Yahoo, are still an exception. In extreme situations like the conflict in Syria the media forget to talk about the violence and torture women are so often victims of.

We live in a society that despite so many steps forward remains chauvinist, a society that can be violent towards women, that at times falls back on the stereotype of the lovely mother and perfect wife that takes care of the household. The media can make a major contribution by disseminating a non-sexist culture as well as a new way of communicating and representing women.

With the kind support of Centro per le Pari Opportunità Regione Umbria