"Data journalism is dead. Long live journalism!" is a sentence that evokes the famous The Web is dead by Chris Anderson. In this case it is focused just on the information world. At a time when words like "data" and "data journalism" have become buzzwords, we at Dataninja have tried to raise the bar, believing that data skills should be disseminated in every newsroom, because informational opportunities are practically endless. Therefore we have organized a hackathon starting from very journalistically relevant themes like mafia, health, performance of firms with ISTAT data, research and innovation, European funds (with a focus on Perugia and Umbria): these are the topics of the 5 initial tracks. Plus another one: yours! Bring your data set and your team to develop a track and participate in our marathon. The following morning, on 3 May, we will present the results of the event together (info here). For more info and updates on the event, follow the hashtag #hackijf14.

Organized in association with @Datamediahub and La Stampa (which will follow us with the WebCar and liveblogging).